About the Alumni Chapter/Join Now

Alumni Chapter Officers

Current Alumni Officers

  • Worthy Commander – Scott Clark, BK1077
  • Worthy Lieutenant Commander – Henry Specht, BK 1567
  • Treasurer – Steve Goble, BK 1008
  • Digital Communications Officer – Derek Leeds, BK 1452
  • Alumni Communications Officer & Trustee – Brent Parker, BK 1482
  • Trustee – Steve Cashman, BK 1111
  • Trustee – Adam Juhn, BK 1480
  • Trustee – Andre Wanzenried, BK 1029

Note: Alumni Chapter did not formally exist as an entity until formed in Sept. of 2015


Purpose of the Alumni Chapter and overarching tenants

  • Passionately lead and relentlessly advocate the recolonization of the Beta Kappa Chapter
  • Be diligent in our effort to locate every brother, reconnect and inform
  • Ensure chapter health, consistency, longevity and prosperity, through active alumni involvement
  • Fund raise to support a competitive physical property and to attract and retain high caliber members
  • Recruit high character / high potential members
  • Sponsor events to bring Alumni and actives together
  • Promote inclusion across age groups and geographies
  • Establish healthy / ongoing relationships with active members, Sigma Nu National, K-State and Manhattan

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Alumni Chapter vs House Corp. Roles and Responsibilities

Alumni Chapter Scope of Responsibility:

  • Set strategic direction for the Beta Kappa Chapter
  • Sponsor / orchestrate Alumni gatherings and communications
  • Oversee capital fund raising campaigns
  • Partner with the active members in recruitment efforts
  • Fund active member scholarships
  • Build and maintain relationships with active members, Sigma Nu National Headquarters, K-State and the Manhattan community
  • Provide oversight, partnership, leadership and mentorship to active members

Housing Corporation Scope of Responsibility:

  • Steward of the physical property
  • Property maintenance and upgrades
  • Compliance assurance – city building and safety codes
  • Landlord for Sigma Nu members or third party renter of property
  • Secure financing and ensure mortgage and property tax payments
  • Hire and pay outside employees and vendors

Note: From a Hierarchy perspective, the Housing Corporation reports to the Alumni Chapter

Alumni Chapter Membership & How Funds Are Used

Annual membership cost is:

  • $50 per year
  • Due September 1st
  • Members must be current in order to vote, per bylaws
  • Checks can be made out to Sigma Nu Beta Kappa Alumni
  • Provide to Treasurer, or mail to; Sigma Nu Fraternity – Beta Kappa Alumni PO Box 3031 Olathe, Ks. 66063
  • Pay by PayPal via link on Alumni Chapter website

Pay Annual Dues

Appropriate use of funds will include:

  • Communications
  • Alumni chapter events
  • Recruitment
  • Other expenses as approved by Alumni Officers
  • Active member housing scholarships

Note: Fund balance and use of funds will be made transparent

Treasurer's Report

Annual Financials